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Application and Funding Process

Online Application
To apply to US Angel Investors go to Gust.com or click here

9 companies are selected to present at the Deal Screening meeting, or are screened online.

US Angel Investors Meetings
Presentations are 20 mn long.

Due Diligence and Disclaimer
The due diligence process is negotiated between the interested investors and the companies seeking funding. Prior to the investor meeting presentations, US Angel Investors only performs due diligence to the extent that the group needs to determine the relative quality of a startup company for the purpose of presentation to the group. US Angel Investors does not vouch for the risk involved in investing in any of the companies presented to the group, requires that investors interested in presenting companies be accredited investors, and does not engage in the sale or resale of securities







US Angel Investors is an investment community of accredited private equity (“angel”) investors who provide counsel and capital to startup companies in a wide variety of industries.  We meet monthly. US Angel Investors works closely with Bay Area Startup Network (www.basn.org), a sister organization whose goal is to provide networking opportunities for early stage startups.